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June 16th, 2016  


May 27th, 2016  


May 25th, 2016  


Press release May 13th, 2016  

Partnership is a crucial component to finding new business.

Beneli Academy, 2016 focusing on smart tags, was a huge success. During the two days (9th and 10th May) fifty industry experts came together to discuss the future of the industry, all in the knowledge that embracing new technology and to working in partnership with other stakeholders is key to success.

How can one know whether a vaccine that traveled from one continent to another had an unbroken cold chain, and therefore, wasn’t damaged during transport? It’s a multi-million dollar question that, every year, could save thousands of lives and large amounts of money.

During the first day of the conference, humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF) spoke about how they are currently developing a solution to this problem, in cooperation with Beneli and innovation actor Acreo.

“Over the two days, we did not discuss labels. Instead, we have focused on how, by working in partnership, you can find solutions to concrete problems in society”, says Robert Östman, CEO of Beneli and initiator of the conference. By combining the expertise of two or more companies, you can gain tremendous competitive advantages.

Cooperation was the focus during the conference.
Never before has competition been so fierce and the individual company is not always able to market their own product well enough on their own. The solution can then lie in combining their product with someone else’s technology.

“I believe that with “collaborative development” two or more manufacturers can jointly find a solution. For this to work, companies need to dare to combine measures and have an open mind”, said Robert. During the conference, there was a great atmosphere among the participants. Both customers, and industry competitors have been in the same room and exchanged ideas and thoughts, something that is quite unique.

A company that has chosen to work closely with others is the international construction technology company, Hilti, one of the presenters at the conference. To strengthen their competitiveness, they have developed a complete service that includes hardware, software and customer services. An offer, which, among other things, requires access to smart tags/labels. The product has gained great success and rolled out its platform worldwide.

“For businesses to stay competitive, it is important to understand new technologies and use them to their advantage. Everything is done at a tremendous rate and affects us all”, explains Robert Östman. “Today’s smartphones offer innovative solutions, if we don’t exploit that opportunity, our competitors will do it!”

In line with the company’s view on working in partnership, Beneli chose to offer the conference free of charge. All lecturers also work on a voluntary basis. This is a win-win for all of us. To be successful, you have to be a part of a whole.

The next Beneli Academy is scheduled for February, 2017.
For more information please contact:
Robert Östman, CEO
Phone: 0709-89 60 03, 042-25 60 03


Press release May 04th, 2016

Beneli organizes International conference on smart labels – May 9th to 10th 2016.

Next week, some fifty specialists from across Europe converge at Beneli´s headquarters in Helsingborg. It will be the second time Beneli Academy has hosted this event. The focus is on innovative technology and current trends.

During the two days, specialists from different fields come together and share their knowledge. Michael Bäärnhielm, Technical Sales Manager at Beneli, declares that it attaches great importance to building networks.

Beneli works a lot with forming partnerships, by connecting different skills we can together solve the problems and come up with new opportunities. The conference days will be followed up by various workshops and presentations where participants get the opportunity for a closer exchange of networking.

Some of the topics during the Beneli Academy:         

The latest consumer trends and how they impact our lives.

– History of how a customer’s need can be transformed into a product which is a completely new service and concept.

– MSF talks about their vision and challenges they face in the field.

– How tags and smart labels are an important part of the mega trend Iot (Internet of Things).

– Brand enhancement, innovation and security for tomorrow’s labels will be discussed in various workshops.

– The speakers representing various organizations and companies e g MSF, Arcus, Hilti, Sigma Connectivity and Ericsson.

For more information please contact:
Robert Östman, CEO
Phone: 0709-89 60 03, 042-25 60 03





Beneli is present at Food Chain Nordic 6-7th of April

Beneli has received ISO 13485 approval the 20th of November 2015

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