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Business Concept

Business Concept

Beneli AB:s business concept is to develop, produce and sell printed and die-cut self-adhesive solutions. Our customers are found in several segments such as beverages, body care, tobacco, logistics, e-health, pharmaceuticals and medical devices etc. We will be positioned as one of the leading in each product segment.

Our goal is to be perceived as a company that delivers high quality, high-quality products and constantly working on new and innovative solutions that benefit the customer.


Beneli AB:s vision is to be one of the best in the world within their products- and business areas. We will be active in emerging and growing markets where expertise, technology and quality are crucial success factors. “We will always give the customer added value.”


Our goal is to deliver value that helps to increase our customer’s profitability. Benelis identity is based on the following values:

  • Customer focus
  • Competence
  • Work satisfaction


Beneli works for a better environment and strives for minimal environmental impact and is actively working to replace materials and products with environmentally friendly alternatives. Resource efficiency and recycling are a natural part of our daily work.

Beneli offers production in a 200-square meter class ISO8-validated cleanroom and we regularly carry out bio-load measurements. Our specialists in medical technology (MDD 93/42/EEG) and the automotive industry are included as regulatory support in our projects.

With help of our specialist, at the early stage of a project, we can add necessary competence to avoid costly changes and delays in the time-to-market.


Beneli values quality and strive continuously to satisfy our customers' expectations of service, competence and product quality. We constantly develop our business systems and products to offer our customers creative and innovative solutions.

  • We are certified ISO 9001:2008
  • Parts of production are certified ISO 13485:2008
  • On request, documentation of development projects according to ISO 13485:2008

Quality Policy

Beneli will maintain the Quality Policy by fulfilling customer´s requirements specification, laws & regulations, to have the correct competence and product quality and the employees are the most valuable resource.

Beneli will

  • maintain and strengthen the confidence of customers and partners
  • work with continuous improvements of products, services and the managements system
  • while providing products that meet the requirements; to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality management system