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3D Products

We are proud that after many years engineering and development of conversion of Rolling Optics unique 3D micro optic material we can offer unique tailored self-adhesive solutions.

Unbeatable solutions for Brand Identity and Brand Security do now set footprint all over the world.

The groundbreaking 3D micro-optical innovation can be used to enhance brand identity or give your brand unrivalled levels of protection. The 3D effect are so sharp, clear and deep they’re simply leagues ahead in terms of creative scope, technical innovation and visual enhancement.


It is all about to be unique and stand out!

Products that can be used to enhance your brand´s packaging identity. The products can be designed in accordance to brand guidelines or in order to enhance or reposition the brand. The products can be converted into labels, foils, in-mold or tags that can be weld on to apparels. There is always an added benefit in that the material acts as a barrier to counterfeits as the optical effects are virtually impossible to reproduce. Our engineer team works closely with the customers offering wide creative capacity and technical expertise to find the optimal solution to fit your creative and brand strategy.


New levels of security products – far and beyond the world of holograms.

The products are so obvious that the originality can easily be verified by just have a look on it.

No labs or special equipment is needed!

The products we provide is virtually impossible to replicate, the micro optic printing technology is easy to authenticate without special light or tools for those who need to quickly verify the product´s authenticity. We provide both standard and customized security designs. The micro optic material can be combined with special adhesives, tamper evident seals, security slits, reveal marks, variable print, RFID, and custom printing among others.

Get in touch now for samples or to find out just how easy it is to create stunning results and an experience you’ll never forget.