Products / Components


Beneli develops and supplies functional self-adhesive components within the Industry. The products are often developed specific for each and every application area, aimed to deliver best performance. Our technical capability together with our long experience will be a ground for a successful application.

Die cut filters

Modern electronics are often sensitive for any contamination. Openings are often protected with filters or meshes. These are die cut into exact shapes and can be mounted either by a dispensing unit or by hand.

Die cut gaskets

Modern electronics are often sensitive for any contamination. Die-cut foam gaskets assure a sealed closure. The gaskets are cut into precise shapes and can be delivered on reel format or as single pieces. For manual assembly we can stabilise the gasket by using a mounting film device that is removed after the assembly.

Flexible circuits

We produce precision-made flexible circuits. The circuits are etched and the whole process is based on reel-to-reel processing. The circuits are often used as antennas or EMI shieldings. Often contact points are often Ni/Au plated.

Functional die cut adhesive

By using precision die-cut adhesives, components can be mounted together in a very accurate and into a controlled way.

Speciality labels

A special demanding application requires special labels. By laminating the right adhesive and materials together and finally printing and die-cutting the label, we can construct the label in detail for its application. We can also add security functions on the label to prevent counterfeiting. That’s speciality labels.

Die cut membranes

Die-cut hydrophobic membrane serves a essential closure in sensitive products. The membrane allows gas to pass through but protects water to enter. The products are delivered in rolls and can be die cut into an exact shape.

EMI shielding

We don’t only offer etched shielding, we can also die-cut the shielding so that they can be folded into its application. The materials can be literary any thin foil.

Heat dissipation gasket

Electronic components dissipate heat. To prevent damage from overheating, the heat must be conducted from the source to a heat sink and released into the atmosphere. AdhTech offers precise die-cut products for various applications.