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Business Concept

Business Concept

Beneli AB:s business concept is to develop, produce and sell printed and die-cut self-adhesive solutions. Our customers are found in several segments such as beverages, body care, tobacco, logistics, e-health, pharmaceuticals and medical devices etc. We will be positioned as one of the leading in each product segment.

Our goal is to be perceived as a company that delivers high quality, high-quality products and constantly working on new and innovative solutions that benefit the customer.


Beneli AB:s vision is to be one of the best in the world within their products- and business areas. We will be active in emerging and growing markets where expertise, technology and quality are crucial success factors. “We will always give the customer added value.”


Our goal is to deliver value that helps to increase our customer’s profitability. Benelis identity is based on the following values:

  • Customer focus
  • Competence
  • Work satisfaction


Beneli works for a better environment and strives for minimal environmental impact and is actively working to replace materials and products with environmentally friendly alternatives. Resource efficiency and recycling are a natural part of our daily work.

Beneli offers production in a 200-square meter class ISO8-validated cleanroom and we regularly carry out bio-load measurements. Our specialists in medical technology (MDD 93/42/EEG) and the automotive industry are included as regulatory support in our projects.

With help of our specialist, at the early stage of a project, we can add necessary competence to avoid costly changes and delays in the time-to-market.


Beneli values quality and strive continuously to satisfy our customers' expectations of service, competence and product quality. We constantly develop our business systems and products to offer our customers creative and innovative solutions.

  • We are certified ISO 9001:2008
  • Parts of production are certified ISO 13485:2008
  • On request, documentation of development projects according to ISO 13485:2008

Quality Policy

Beneli will maintain the Quality Policy by fulfilling customer´s requirements specification, laws & regulations, to have the correct competence and product quality and the employees are the most valuable resource.

Beneli will

  • maintain and strengthen the confidence of customers and partners
  • work with continuous improvements of products, services and the managements system
  • while providing products that meet the requirements; to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality management system


Our privacy policy describes how we handle personal data accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Within the European Union, and applies to both private- and corporate customers.

When do we save personal data?

We save personal data when someone for example contacts us via our contact forms at, register for our new letter, when we send quotes, when someone become a customer at Beneli AB or has been in contact with Beneli AB in another way.

What personal data do we save?

When a deal is closed, we save personal data such as name, address, phone number and e-mail and information about order and purchase. In case it is required, the social security number is saved.

We also save information when:

  • we make analyzes to find the right payment solution for the customer. This includes control of the customers payment history and the collection of credit reports from credit reporting companies.
  • control of the customers addresses against external sources e.g. SPAR, Ratsit, Allabolag, Compnode or similar official databases.
  • handling complaints regard ordered and/or purchased product or service.
  • transport of goods with e.g. DHL, Schenker, UPS etc. to register transport and insurance.

How long are your personal data stored?

We store your information as long as it is necessary to fulfill our commitments against you as a corporate customer or partner or as long as laws require (e.g. Accounting Act). You can contact us to find out what information we have about you as well as to get them corrected, moved or removed from our systems at any time.

What do we do with your personal data?

We store your personal data to implement and manage quotes, orders and purchases, payments, returns and complaints. When a customer makes a purchase from us, we or our partners can make a usual credit report. The information can also be used for marketing or customer surveys. By placing an order, you also agree that we send information to you by e-mail, SMS or other means. For example, it may be customized offers or general mailings and an invoice.

Who do we provide personal data to?

We provide personal data to partners to make payments and deliveries and to provide you with personal information and offers. We may also provide personal data to e.g. insurance companies for handling claims or similar. Personal data will also be provided if it’s necessary to comply with current legal requirements or governmental requirements.

Protection of personal data

Our data is stored on secured servers in high-security IT-systems at all levels. If we suspect that a data violation has occurred or that any data is likely occur in the wrong hands, this will be reported directly to the Swedish Data Inspection.

How can you influence our processing of your personal data?

You may revoke all or part of a given consent for processing personal data at any time. However, the revocation of your consent will not affect our processing of your personal data before the revocation took place.

You are also entitled to make an objection towards the processing of your personal data for direct marketing or profiling at any time.

In accordance with current data protection laws, you have the right to access all personal data we are processing about you. And you have the full right to request a correction of your personal data. Under certain circumstances, you are also entitled to request deletion or restriction of your personal data or object to our processing.

You have also the right to file a complaint to the Swedish Integration Protection Agency or other authority that supervises Swedish Enterprises handling of personal data.

Contact information

If you want to claim your rights, send a letter to Beneli AB, Porfyrgatan 5, 254 68 Helsingborg, Sweden or send an email to