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Our History

The Eliason family founded a new company,  Beneli AB, in early part of 1991 the principal objective being to fully utilise the experience and expertise we had gained in the production and marketing of self adhesive  labels and labelling machines.

In September of that year Beneli acquired, through an asset deal, a label printing company in Helsingborg which had gone into liquidation and Rotakett AB was established. The main aim was to become a systems supplier and a collaboration with HERMA AG, based in Germany, who produced label application equipment, began.



HERMA became a 25%  shareholder in September of 1992 and the company became Rotakett Herma AB.



Rotakett’s production was purely product labels, primarily for the Food, Wine & Spirit and Body Care industries. Subsequently a demand for purely technical applications arose. To meet this growing demand Beneli AB acquired the company Swedecal AB.



As time moved on the demand from our markets altered and the need to be a systems supplier reduced considerably. So the Eliason family bought back the HERMA shareholding and the name reverted to Rotakett AB

Over the next few years the production of flexible circuits for mobile phone antennas increased considerably and during that time the competition became more global, particularly from the Far East. The requirement for local manufacturing grew and as a consequence Beneli AB sold this product range to  a company manufacturing in China.

Swedecal’s other product ranges were split up and the manufacturing of specialty labels was placed with Rotakett. During the same period the demand for converted Medical products and RFID products grew considerably. This required concentrated focus solely on this area and a new operation, AdhTech AB, was founded. RFID tags, plasters and filters of many types are examples of this range and which, to a large extent, are produced in a “clean room” environment.



Rotaketts logotype and brand guidelines was updated.


During the summer of 2013 the companies were moved into brand new, purpose built, facilities.



Both Rotakett AB and AdhTech AB were growing very well and it gradually became clear that to merge the two companies would result in many benefits, particularly in the sectors of, manufacturing, finance and administration.

The merger took place in 2014 with Rotakett and AdhTech reverting to the original parent company name, BENELI AB which subsequently changed its name to BENELI GRUPPEN AB