2 januari, 2014


The summer of 2013 Rotakett and AdhTech joined forces and moved into brand new, purpose-built facilities, which allows us to continue to develop in an inspiring environment and under the best possible conditions. In conjunction with the move, we have continued to strengthen our partnership, e.g. by beginning to align our economic and administrative systems into a single system. Simultaneously, both Rotakett and AdhTech have invested in new production equipment. Sharing premises gives us great synergies, which in turn creates excellent conditions for us to continue to be a good partner for our customers and a safe workplace for our employees. As a natural progression to our cooperation, we decided to merge into a single company, Beneli AB, which took effect on 1 January 2014.

Until further notice, we will keep AdhTech and Rotakett as the names for the respective business areas and we will also keep the same contact information as before. The only thing that changes is the registration number and banking information.