25 november, 2015



Smart labels are technical while uniquely constructed and have properties that can range from saving lives to significantly improving the safety of a product. A company that is at cutting edge and actively driving the development of smart labels is based in Helsingborg at Beneli. Last week Beneli conducted the Beneli Academy – a training session that attracted 30 of Northern Europe’s sharpest brand owners and suppliers.

Beneli has a considerable range of products, everything from traditional product labels with high quality to technically advanced solutions. The industry is highly innovative and business driven regarding smart labels being developed at lightning speeds. Beneli has won several international awards.

– We can manufacture uniquely designed products with extremely high quality, while we are specialists in the development of smart labels produced with conductive adhesives, paints, and sometimes microchips. This technology has great demand in many industries for example; pharmaceuticals, food safety explains Beneli´s CEO Robert Östman.

The 23rd thru the 24th of November, Beneli Academy conducted two training days where some of Europe’s most innovative industries and specialists came together. It was inspiring and educational with much expertise, while focus was also on networking and joint workshops.

– Our “Label school” started ten years ago and this year it was time to upgrade the concept to Beneli Academy. The idea is that this will become a regular forum with a focus on future labels.

This year Beneli Academy discussed and highlighted the following topics:

  • The use of 3D technology to prevent illegal copying of various products
  • E-health – future solution in healthcare – Smart Labels
  • Brand Identity – Eye catching labels while conveying a message/feeling

Among the participants were several foreign participants representing a variety of industries such as wine and spirits, Food, Cosmetics, Body Care, Medical, Life Science, RFID and Telecom. The number of participants at Beneli Academy was twice as many then in all previous years of label school.

For more information, please contact: Robert Östman, CEO
Mail: robert.ostman@beneli.se
Phone: 0709-89 60 03 ; 042-25 60 03