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Beneli & Smart labels with NFC technology (10/27/2017)

Have you come into contact with the words “smart labels” and “NFC technology” and wonder what that means? The film below explains in a clear way how Beneli’s smart labels with NFC technology work!

Beneli inspires to new thinking and broaden perspectives! (9/18/2017)

This week, we will participate in a inspirational conference for open minded and forward-thinking people and inspire to new thinking with NFC & RFID technology when it comes to the areas security, tracebility and brand communication.

Top Packaging Summit, Malmö, Stadionmässan 19-20 September. Read more about the smart solutions from Beneli.

Top Packaging Summit, Packbridge

Curious about NFC & RFID for security, traceability and brand communication? (9/15/2017)

Visit us at stand D:07 at Label & Print Kistamässan, Stockholm! We are there for you and we will tell you more about different solutions and what they can do for your brand and products!

We look forward to meet you at the exhibition: Günther Dieroff, Sales- and Marketing Manager | Annika Windén, Key Account Sales | Fredrik Stolt, Sales | Robin Thiberg, Key Account Manager | Agnetha Åklundh, Sales Executive Export | Jessica Lundh, Marketing- and Media Coordinator.


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Label & Print Kistamässan, Stockholm

Beneli AB, based in Helsingborg, has appointed a new New Product Development Manager (8/25/2017)

Stefan Lundgren, New Product Development Manager

Beneli AB, based in Helsingborg, has appointed a new New Product Development Manager. Stefan Lundgren takes over after Michael Bäärnhielm who has moved on to new challenges in his career.

Beneli AB produces smart premium labels and smart solutions with NFC and RFID technology for security, traceability and communication with end consumer but also patches for surveillance and E-health.

Stefan’s latest employment was within the Automotive industry and he has a long and wide experience in customer management, quality and project management. We at Beneli see no limitations, only possibilities and Stefan’s task is to drive the development of new technical solutions forward and find new exciting ways, says Jimmy Sterner CEO at Beneli AB.

Stefan about his new appointment:

“Beneli’s segments are in exciting and expanding areas, especially monitoring, IoT, RFID and NFC. We are today leading in these areas and I am excited to secure that we continue to be. During my 15 years in the automotive industry I have developed quality, methods, processes and products.

I have worked in an international environment, having customers in Asia, Europe and North America. This has been an important experience in understanding real customer needs and how to manufacture it to profit both customers and us.”




2 new employees to the sales and marketing department (7/25/2017)

Robin Thiberg, Agnetha Åklundh

Beneli is happy to announce that we have enforced our sales organization and recruited Robin Thiberg as Key Account Manager and Agnetha Åklundh as Sales Executive Export. Robin comes recently from Innoscentia and Agnetha from a similar role within the label industry.
“This is the right step to take now that we are aiming for reaching out to new markets an offering new product segments also to our existing customers, and we are very pleased to have Agnetha and Robin on board” says Günther Dieroff, Sales and Marketing Manager at Beneli.

Prior to joining Beneli, Robin founded his own company during university studies and has since then, worked with smart printable materials to design and develop printable gas-sensors for various applications. Consequently, Robin was awarded “one of Sweden’s most innovative entrepreneurs” for that work.

“With the knowledge and experience gained from printable sensors, RFID and NFC, especially the usage and functionality of it, I am eager to bringing everything I gained into Beneli and work closely with the customers to solve the very core of their challenges and possibilities. I believe the future of labels lays within adding functionality and technology to it. It is cost efficient, convenient and easy to use and brings numerous benefits to the user. A label is not just a label anymore. It has the possibility to have an impact on making the world more healthy, secure and efficient by liberate and visualize information that hasn’t been accessible before”, says Robin

Agnetha has worked many years in the packaging, label and printing industry and says:

“After the past 15 years within the packaging and label industry I have the know-how of how the market has developed not only for certain customers but also for the whole value-chain. I’m really looking forward to work with “tomorrows” labels where the function is in focus. The market seems to be really ready for the total rollout of RFID, NFC and Tamper evident in order to secure the whole chain from manufacture down to consumer”. With this cutting-edge technology the market developments will bring a new platform of social interaction with customers consumption.”



Visit from JAPAN PACKAGING INSTITUTE (JPI) (5/11/2017)

Today we have had a visit from Japanese packaging companies arranged by JAPAN PACKAGING INSTITUTE, JPI together with Packbridge. A tour and presentation of Beneli was on the agenda.

Visit from JAPAN PACKAGING INSTITUTE (JPI) och packbridge


Visit from Packbridge! (4/25/2017)

Today, we welcome Packbridge to Beneli and their event ”The role of packaging in food industry”! Todays topic is about the critical role of packaging in ensuring food safety. You can read more about the event at


Proud partner! (4/7/2017)

BLOSSA GLÖGG identity and packaging are nominated for the prestigious Guldägget 2017 (The Golden Egg Award) in the category Packaging design. We are happy for the confidence that together with Altia Sweden set design expression in relation to print and material. Beneli AB is a very proud partner and wish Altia Sweden good luck at the Golden Egg Award 2017.


Our new commercial (11/4/2016)

Watch here!

How Beneli sees the future with smart and nice looking premium labels


Jimmy Sterner ny vd i Beneli AB (10/4/2016)

Jimmy Sterner har utsetts till vd för Beneli AB. Jimmy kommer närmast från egen konsultverksamhet inom verksamhetsutveckling och har en mångårig erfarenhet av utvecklingsstrategier som Lean och Six Sigma. Jimmy har haft flera ledande roller inom globala bolag som Rexam/Ball och SWEP med fokus på en hållbar företagsutveckling.

Beneli har sedan 2014, under tidigare vd Robert Östmans ledning, genomfört en bred marknadsutveckling med gott resultat. Genom vår produktutveckling av såväl grafiska etiketter som ”smarta” etiketter med tryckta elektronikkretsar har vi skapat attraktiva lösningar för våra kunder och nya marknader. Robert har nu uppdraget att fortsatt arbeta med vår marknadsutveckling och att stärka Benelis närvaro på nya marknader.

Genom Jimmys upparbetade erfarenheter inom processtyrning och företagsutveckling kommer vi nu att få förutsättningar att fortsatt utveckla vår produktion för att möta de nya produkternas krav på kapacitet, precision och kvalitet samt inte minst långsiktigt hållbara produktionsprocesser.

Vi önskar Jimmy Sterner lycka till med sina nya utmaningar.

Göran Sjöholm
Ordförande Beneli AB


Metallic Doming (8/20/2016)

Metallic doming is a new unique effect in narrow-web label printing. A reflective, metallic and raised structure manufactured using a relief in rotary screen printing. What makes it unique is the lasting metal-relief effect achieved on paper or plastic film, for example tube laminates and transparent self-adhesive material.

So far, it is the only procedure on the label market that makes it possible to create embossing effects on plastic. With the exception of hot foil embossing without lasting relief effects, plastic can not be embossed as other materials can. Metallic doming fills this technological gap in the application market.







Beneli Academy, 2016 focusing on smart tags, was a huge success. During the two days (9th and 10th May) fifty industry experts came together to discuss the future of the industry, all in the knowledge that embracing new technology and to working in partnership with other stakeholders is key to success. Read more at Mynewsdesk.


Next week, some fifty specialists from across Europe meet up at the Beneli headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden. It will be the second time Beneli hosts this event and focus will be on innovative technology and current trends. Read more at Mynewsdesk.



Smart labels are technical while uniquely constructed and have properties that can range from saving lives to significantly improving the safety of a product. A company that is at cutting edge and actively driving the development of smart labels is based in Helsingborg at Beneli. Last week Beneli conducted the Beneli Academy – a training session that attracted 30 of Northern Europe’s sharpest brand owners and suppliers.

Beneli has a considerable range of products, everything from traditional product labels with high quality to technically advanced solutions. The industry is highly innovative and business driven regarding smart labels being developed at lightning speeds. Beneli has won several international awards.

– We can manufacture uniquely designed products with extremely high quality, while we are specialists in the development of smart labels produced with conductive adhesives, paints, and sometimes microchips. This technology has great demand in many industries for example; pharmaceuticals, food safety explains Beneli´s CEO Robert Östman.

The 23rd thru the 24th of November, Beneli Academy conducted two training days where some of Europe’s most innovative industries and specialists came together. It was inspiring and educational with much expertise, while focus was also on networking and joint workshops.

– Our “Label school” started ten years ago and this year it was time to upgrade the concept to Beneli Academy. The idea is that this will become a regular forum with a focus on future labels.

This year Beneli Academy discussed and highlighted the following topics:

  • The use of 3D technology to prevent illegal copying of various products
  • E-health – future solution in healthcare – Smart Labels
  • Brand Identity – Eye catching labels while conveying a message/feeling

Among the participants were several foreign participants representing a variety of industries such as wine and spirits, Food, Cosmetics, Body Care, Medical, Life Science, RFID and Telecom. The number of participants at Beneli Academy was twice as many then in all previous years of label school.

For more information, please contact: Robert Östman, CEO
Phone: 0709-89 60 03 ; 042-25 60 03


Beneli as of today has taken a new step in its development through activities certified under ISO 13485. ISO 13485 is the world’s most widely used standard for medical devices. Successful design and manufacturing is based on quality management system based on ISO 9001. ISO 13485 is the ISO 9001 with additional requirements.
The standard is designed to be a tool for the manufacturers to create conditions that make it possible to comply with applicable regulatory requirements and performance requirements as well as customer’s different requirements throughout the product lifecycle.
The standard does not provide a direct solution to the design quality but it can make it easier to create a framework that allows the use of different solution models. Both standards are based on the manufacturer’s size, product complexity and potential risks as well as the manufacturer’s quality, for its own operation and for the product.
Customer benefits of certification

  • Improves risk management and reduce the risks
  • Is a tool for management to maintain quality assurance
  • Is a tool to ensure business continuity
  •  Is a tool to involve staff through risk management
  •  Signals reliability to your stakeholders
  •  Improves efficiency
  •  Certification has continuity over time through annual audits


For more information, please contact Head of Quality Heather Hagvik at alt +46 0738 18 60 16.


The summer of 2013 Rotakett and AdhTech joined forces and moved into brand new, purpose-built facilities, which allows us to continue to develop in an inspiring environment and under the best possible conditions. In conjunction with the move, we have continued to strengthen our partnership, e.g. by beginning to align our economic and administrative systems into a single system. Simultaneously, both Rotakett and AdhTech have invested in new production equipment. Sharing premises gives us great synergies, which in turn creates excellent conditions for us to continue to be a good partner for our customers and a safe workplace for our employees. As a natural progression to our cooperation, we decided to merge into a single company, Beneli AB, which took effect on 1 January 2014.

Until further notice, we will keep AdhTech and Rotakett as the names for the respective business areas and we will also keep the same contact information as before. The only thing that changes is the registration number and banking information.