augusti 25, 2017

New New Product Development Manager

Stefan Lundgren, New Product Devlopment Manager

Beneli AB, based in Helsingborg, has appointed a new New Product Development Manager. Stefan Lundgren takes over after Michael Bäärnhielm who has moved on to new challenges in his career.

Beneli AB produces smart premium labels and smart solutions with NFC and RFID technology for security, traceability and communication with end consumer but also patches for surveillance and E-health.

Stefan’s latest employment was within the Automotive industry and he has a long and wide experience in customer management, quality and project management. We at Beneli see no limitations, only possibilities and Stefan’s task is to drive the development of new technical solutions forward and find new exciting ways, says Jimmy Sterner CEO at Beneli AB.

Stefan about his new appointment:

“Beneli’s segments are in exciting and expanding areas, especially monitoring, IoT, RFID and NFC. We are today leading in these areas and I am excited to secure that we continue to be. During my 15 years in the automotive industry I have developed quality, methods, processes and products.

I have worked in an international environment, having customers in Asia, Europe and North America. This has been an important experience in understanding real customer needs and how to manufacture it to profit both customers and us.”