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Brands - high premium labels and smart labels

The right label leads to success!

Beneli develop and produce self-adhesive labels, premium quality with a distinct sense of color, function and form. We find an optimal solution for each individual need and add value to the label that gives the product a personality that sells.



Beneli helps customers profile their products as individually as possible and we have extensive experience in various materials and processing techniques, especially when it comes to more unusual options. We can handle everything from very small volumes to major productions and can print up to ten colors in combination of UV, flexo, screen, hot or cold emossing, gloss or matte varnish, relief emboss and laminate.

We see no limits, only possibilities – everything to meet our customers’ needs to increase the products value and sale.

One example is Metallic doming. Metallic doming is a new unique effect in narrow-web label printing. A reflective, metallic and raised structure manufactured using a relief in rotary screen printing. What makes it unique is the lasting metal-relief effect achieved on paper or plastic film, for example tube laminates and transparent self-adhesive material.

So far, it is the only procedure on the label market that makes it possible to create embossing effects on plastic. Except for hot foil embossing without lasting relief effects, plastic can’t be embossed as other materials can. Metallic doming fills this technological gap in the application market.


In a multi-page label, up to three layers of material can be used, giving a total of five sides available for information. The top label can be positioned to cover part of, or the entire bottom label, and can be opened in all directions.


In-mold labels or IMD (In Mould Decoration), are pre-printed ”labels” which are integrated in the plastic product during production. The result is a durable and abrasion resistant ”label” which is part of the end product.

In-mold labels are often used in places where self-adhesive labels are unsuited due to high or low temperatures, moisture, or because they are difficult to apply.


Our 3D products can be added to the label to increase security and acts as a barrier to counterfeits as the optical effects are virtually impossible to reproduce. Another advantage of 3D is that the label is unique and thus guarantee the product's authenticity.


By integrating NFC - (Near Field Communication) technology with the label increases the added value and a whole new world to communicate with end consumer opens.

A NFC tag can be visible or hidden behind the label and be read by a smartphone at maximum 2 cm distance. NFC - technology is a new, smart way to communicate with your target.

When the tag is read, customer-specific information is collected such as geographical location, both local and global, buying behavior with the position of the shelf level etc. Each tag has a unique ID where you can send customer-specific information such as brand information, product sheets, website, recipes etc. This makes it possible to change information during the entire product life cycle based on needs. Beneli offers, in cooperation with ThinFilm, a software platform for all data management.

A smart label can also be used for traceability in the long distance, which is done with help of RFID – technology. Again, each tag has a unique ID and can easy and timesaving read status, tracking of goods and simplifies inventory using a scanner. Examples are Norska posten who using RFID to track their packages and HILTI who register their tools in and out on its way to a construction site.