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Monitoring - surveilling body functins and E-health

Beneli develops and supplies converted products that improve and simplify the monitoring, tracking and digital information services in many different areas such as pharmaceutical delivery and diagnostics in the health care sector.

With smart labels, new opportunities opens to collect information. The market is endless and you can for example detect temperature, chemical substances and vibrations but also presence of damp and mold in bathrooms. It is now possible to observe an individual product’s external influence trough the supply chain or detect a house mold damage.

Depending on the product to be produced, requires different production environments. Medical devices require special handling and Beneli have production in cleanroom in certified, validated facilities and is certified class D/ISO Class 8. We work according to GNP-standard to ensure proper monitoring of all processes.

One area of monitoring is E-health, which means that you, in real time, with help of digital tools, can supply information between patient and doctors.

Beneli develops and supplies converted self-adhesive solutions to world leading medical companies. Together with various suppliers we produce near body, wearable sensors that revolutionizing the health care sector. Instead of big devices with wires and batteries, small adhesive sensors perform the task.

Examples of products in E-health:

Fetal status

Bloomlife is a sensor that help pregnant women to monitor contractions, the baby’s heart rate and general wellbeing. Beneli has together with Bloomlife developed a self-adhesive patch that together with the sensor is easily attached to the woman’s belly. The sensor sends data in real time to the woman’s smartphone, where the information easily can be read. The Bloomlife sensor is small, sits around the clock and is worn under the clothes without being seen.

Cardiovascular Diagnostics

Preventice is a US company that develops sensors to monitor heart patients in real time through the cloud. All that is needed for healthcare providers to monitor and read the heart rate of the wearer, is the small and discrete sensor along with Beneli’s self-adhesive patch and a smartphone. At the same time, the patient can live his life as usual outside the health care environment.

Medical solutions:

  • Advanced wound care
  • Diagnostics
  • Drug delivery
  • Test strips
  • Electro medical
  • Ostomy
  • Wearable sensors
  • Sensor to measure temperature
  • Sensor to detect mold