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Security - solutions against tampering and counterfeiting

Beneli develops and produces security solutions that protect against tampering and counterfeiting. The labels may be visible to the human eye or hidden and read or scanned with a smartphone or special equipment.

We offer both standard and customized security solutions for identification and verification of origin and sign of tampering and produce security labels up to the highest level.


Manufacturer worldwide use security labels and security seals to protect their products from tampering and counterfeiting. Safety labeling authenticates the product for the customer, protect the company brand and consumer’s health and safety. Manipulation of pharmaceutical packaging where the content is changed can have devastating consequences. There is a great need of security verification in many industries, pirated products are sold for $ 600 billion per year worldwide.


Void label

A void label is a security label, often with 3D effect. The label can leave a text or a pattern on the packaging and casings but also on the label, if someone try to remove it and put it back again.

Micro optical 3D labels

Beneli produces unique Micro optical 3D labels up to the highest level of security with Rolling Optics unique 3D material. The hologram optical effects are impossible to replicate, the label can be made brand unique and amplifies the brand and the product’s authenticity.

NFC – tags

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a standard for wireless radio communication. The tag is read with a smartphone at maximum 2 cm distance which guaranties high security.

Beneli develops solutions that verify the origin of the package and the product content. Where each NFC - tag is unique, identifiable and impossible to replicate, which provides strong security protection. Information and communication with end consumer simplifies and creates endless opportunities. Collecting data such as if the packaging is broken or unbroken, position locally or globally, position in store and so on, gives the opportunity to personalized campaigns and information based on country, city or store where the tag is read.

NFC is also unique in that the information is not static, it can be changed during the entire life cycle and it can be changed between brand communication, link to website, landing page, video and so on.

To handle the information Beneli offers, together with ThinFilm, a cloud based software platform.

We provide technical solutions containing:

  • Special adhesives
  • Void adhesives; these labels are designed to indicate that a label has been tampered with.
  • Temper evident seals
  • Security slits
  • Variable printed codes
  • RFID seal