Segments / Services



Beneli services helps companies during the development phase with the development of a new concept and a new product, but also carry out tests and produce documents. During the start-up meeting, which is always free of charge, a plan, timeline, milestones and cost structure are set.


Concept development

Development of concept for potential future production. The concept development phase leads to design, material type, production method etc. and results in a complete requirement specification, cost calculation and concept description.

Product development

Based on a clear requirement specification, materials, methods and documentation are developed and specified for a fully productionable product which is also production-optimized. In many cases, the product development phase is preceded by the concept development phase.

Technical development

Development of production machinery and materials to optimize existing product regarding cost, environment and scale etc.

Prototype production & Pilot series

Beneli also helps with prototyping of products and packaging but also small-scale pilot tests in production machines (with exception of rotary printing machines).


We perform tests of product performance, life cycle (durability) and material properties. An example of testing is EC12 tests for electrodes.


Perform and document risk analyzes and D&D plans, verification and validation plans.

NFC architecture and installation

Development and prototyping of smart solutions with NFC – technology as well as infrastructure with cloud services, apps etc.

Label design and repro

Easier design and optimization of labels as well as color matching.