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Traceability with RFID technology

Beneli is at the forefront in the development and production of high quality, high-performance, converted passive and active HF and UHF products, ie products with RFID - technology for traceability. As each product is unique, we produce customized solutions and specialize in producing converted products that meet every possible requirement specification.


RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is a technique based on radio-frequency identification, often with a EAN code and can trace a products position. Unlike conventional technology, RFID requires no direct line of sight and the range to be read are 3-10 meters.

Each tag has a unique ID and collect data from the object very fast and timesaving. One area for RFID are logistics where data about status and tracking goods simplifies e.g. inventory, all with help of a stationary reader or a hand device. Examples are Norwegian post that use RFID to track their packages and HILTI who register their tools on its way in and out to a working place.

Using RFID – technology results in dramatic reductions in out-of-stock items, theft and counterfeiting along with extraordinary improvements in inventory tracking and work-in-progress processes as well as significantly more reliable tracking, ageing and pedigree data.

Another solution for traceability is NFC- technology that requires shorter distance to be read and are advantageously used together with a premium label for security verification and/or brand communication.


  • High precision die-cutting, down to +/- 0.025 mm
  • Multilayer laminations/solutions
  • Extreme shapes: using our laser-converting equipment we can provide shapes and contours that can’t be achieved any other way. This technique is now not only available for low volume production, but also for high volumes.
  • Tamper evident solutions
  • High-temperature solutions
  • Hard tag solutions
  • On-metal solutions
  • Printing and encoding capabilities
  • And of course, standard volume RFID Labels