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Sustainable Development

Beneli’s three ingredients to achieve sustainable development are:

Economic sustainability

Beneli works for economic sustainability and future needs that develop business and is sustainable over time.

Ecological sustainability

Our business will support and meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Ecological sustainability is important to us and what we take from nature (our assets) and what we return to nature, is naturally high priority.

Social sustainability

Beneli works with and develop the business employees, but also with people that are affected by the entire business chain, from the life-cycle start to finish. We also take a social responsibility for local projects, questions and environment issues for a sustainable society, but also in a national and international perspective.

We continuously minimize the environmental impact of our business

Beneli’s culture and goal is to always optimize the production process and the product’s environmental footprint, choose carbon neutral, environmentally friendly solutions and our aim is to achieve the lowest possible CO2 footprint.

We are aware about different regulations and requirements such as Environmental Agreement 20/20 and the long term 50/50, REACH, RoHS2, WEEE, ISO 14001 and ECHA / svhc candidate list. We actively seeking information to be up to date and at fore front about what happens in the environmental development.

Our office and production facilities are supported by genuine geothermal and we continually evaluates the environmental impact of investments, products and Projects.